Thursday, April 28, 2016

Can't launch Fallout 4 on Skylake video?

Recently I've tried to launch Fallout 4 on integrated Skylake video card (Intel HD Graphics 530) and it failed.

The first thing you may think it is problem of video card. No it's not :)

The card is pretty modern as for Q1 2016 and game at least should start (Witcher 3 is just fine, with low FPS obviously).

Starting game executable in debugger pretty quickly I got exception in ... bink2w64.dll

Not doing a big research, but it's clear it fails to play video.

Simulating used bink APIs made game launch (without videos of course). There are not many APIs used, so it's not so hard and even emulation dll can be written. But best thing is to have fixed bink of course :)

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